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Lannie Alexander   Guest at Studio #3   433 El Dorado Drive NW     email Lannie    (505) 255-4023

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 
This Thomas Merton quote is one of my favorite and well describes my philosophy. Beginning with an idea, I am never quite sure where it will take me.  The journey can be both frustrating and exhilarating.    

My inspiration sources are many.  Two examples are the Asian art I was exposed to early in life as well as my own world travels.  The human figure, I find to be a captivating subject. You will often find it in my work.  

As a child I was blessed to be surrounded by art.  My mother was an art teacher and collector.  My exposure to abstract art came long before it was in vogue.  Denver public schools had a strong art program so I enjoyed classes from elementary school on…often every day.  In turn I decided to become an art teacher myself.  Though I’m now retired from teaching and can truly call myself an artist, I delight in continuing to take art classes and workshops……I consider myself a life long learner. 

 I am passionate about the value of art education for children.  I helped found La Mesa Arts Academy, a after school program which benefits children from La Mesa Elementary School. For many years I was a board member of Art in the School, a children’s nonprofit art education organization. 

Another passion is my love of animals.  It gives me great pleasure to use my art in helping Albuquerque’s shelter animals.  They benefit from the sale of my watercolor cards sold at various venues in the community. 

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