nonrepresentational art and abstract landscapes

Soflo Series

Living in the high desert of American Southwest makes a trip to Southern Florida a feast for the senses. A sneak peek:  These are fresh off my easel and waiting to be mounted and framed.

Reaching Conclusions Series

As we mull over things in our mind, how do we untimately reach the conclusions we do?  This is my visual representation of that mysterious abstract process.

Going Places Series

One of the hardest things about the pandemic was not being able to travel.  We had several great trips planned, which were cancelled in 2020, but fortunately, rescheduled and greatly enjoyed. For quite a while, I was dreaming of going places, and decided to paint the feeling of that in these fresh paintings.

Found on the island
18” x 18” acrylic, mixed media


Memories of that summer
18” x 18” acrylic, mixed media


Finding his way though the universe
18” x 18” acrylic, mixed media


Non essential Series

At the beginning of the stay-at-home order in 2020, I was astonished that millions of people, businesses, events, places and activities were suddenly deemed to be “non-essential.”  The crisis presented to me, as well as most humans on the planet, the opportunity to slow down and contemplate just what is essential.  As I began to paint, these six small abstract landscapes emerged.  Perhaps it was my deep appreciation for the beautiful New Mexico landscape I am surrounded by, and perhaps a desire for wide open spaces – and freedom.  And yes, among many other things, art and nature’s beauty are essential to me.

Click on each piece to see a larger image with more detail.  

Abstract landscapes

A deep appreciation for wide open spaces and the majesty of nature inspired these abstract, imagined landscapes.

Click on each piece to see a larger image with more detail.  

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