Abstract landscapes

Celebrating a sense of place on our beautiful planet.

A deep appreciation for wide open spaces and the majesty of nature inspired these imagined landscapes.



A black flint stone with silica can be used to test the purity of gold. Could the landscape be our touchstone for a genuine and fabulous environment? Perhaps so.

16×20” acrylic; framed. 



Gaze upon the mountains and calm your soul.

16×20” acrylic; framed.



From the Non essential Series: #6

At the beginning of the stay-at-home order in 2020, I was astonished that millions of people, businesses, events, places and activities were suddenly deemed to be “non-essential.”  The crisis presented most humans on the planet the opportunity to slow down and contemplate just what is essential.  I painted six small abstract landscapes – one remains available.   Perhaps it was my deep appreciation for the beautiful New Mexico landscape I am surrounded by, and perhaps a desire for wide open spaces – and freedom. Nature is essential.

6×6″ acrylic, framed size is 7.5″ square.


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