"Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see." - Paul Klee

 Non essential Series

At the beginning of the stay-at-home order, I was astonished that millions of people, businesses, events, places and activities were suddenly deemed to be “non-essential.”  The crisis has presented to me, as well as most humans on the planet, the opportunity to slow down and contemplate just what is essential.  As I began to paint, these six small abstract landscapes emerged.  Perhaps it was my deep appreciation for the beautiful New Mexico landscape I am surrounded by, and perhaps a desire for wide open spaces – and freedom.  These paintings can be purchased individually for the perfect little spot in your home, or several can be grouped together to make a larger statement. And yes, among many other things, art and nature’s beauty are essential to me.

Click on each piece to see a larger image with more detail.  To purchase: my shop

Abstracts with fiber Series

Long before I began to paint, I dabbled in fiber arts and am still fascinated by fiber.  Along the way,  I developed a way to fuse bits and pieces of fabric, fiber, and embellishments together to create a fused element that was completely new – indistinguishable from the fiber it was created from.  Once I combined these fused fiber bits with my abstract acrylic paintings, I loved the result.

Previous work

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