Tranquility     single  8 x 8″  sold
This piece won Best of Show at the Rio Grande Art Association’s Encantada!  exhibition.

Abstract series

Long before I began to paint, I dabbled in fiber arts and am still fascinated by fiber.  Along the way,  I developed a way to fuse bits and pieces of fabric, fiber, and embellishments together to create a fused element that was completely new – indistinguishable from the fiber it was created from.  Once I combined these fused fiber bits with my abstract acrylic paintings, I loved the result.

These pieces are mostly small – some just 4 x 4″, most are 6 x 6″.  They beg you to step in and take a closer look. They look great in groups of three or four (numbered 1,2,3 etc.) which can be hung as you wish – arranged in a square, or a horizontal or vertical row.  Perfect for accenting a small space in your home.



Tapestry    four 6×6″  sold

four 6×6″ sold

four 6×6″ sold

Vistas     three 4×4″ sold

Gallery of individual pieces: Click on each piece to see a larger image with more detail. 

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